A Diabolic False Flag Empire: Is The American Trajectory Divine Or Demonic?


Authored by Edward Curtin through EdwardCurtin.com,

The previous shouldn’t be lifeless; it’s people who find themselves sleeping.  The present evening and daymares that we’re having come up out of murders lodged deep in our previous which have continued into the current.  No quantity of feigned amnesia will erase the bloody fact of American historical past, a budget grace we bestow upon ourselves. 

We’ve got, as Harold Pinter mentioned in his Nobel handle, been feeding on “an unlimited tapestry of lies” that surrounds us, lies uttered by nihilistic leaders and their media mouthpieces for a really very long time.  We’ve got, or ought to have, dangerous consciences for not acknowledging being energetic or silent accomplices within the suppression of fact and the vicious murdering of tens of millions at residence and overseas.

However, as Pinter mentioned,

“I imagine that regardless of the big odds which exist, unflinching, loyal, fierce mental dedication, as residents, to outline the actual fact of our lives and our societies is an important obligation which devolves upon us all. It’s in actual fact necessary.”

Nobody is extra emblematic of this noble effort than David Ray Griffin, who, in e-book after e-book because the assaults of 11 September 2001, has meticulously uncovered the underside of the American empire and its evil masters.  His persistence in attempting to achieve individuals and to warn them of the horrors which have resulted is extraordinary.  Excluding his philosophical and theological works, that is his fifteenth e-book since 2004 on these grave problems with life and dying and the way forward for the world.

On this masterful e-book, he offers a strong historic argument that proper from the beginning with the arrival of the primary European settlers, this nation, regardless of all of the rhetoric about it having been divinely based and guided, has been “extra malign that benign, extra demonic than divine.”  He chronologically presents this historical past, supported by meticulous documentation, to show his thesis.  In his earlier e-book, Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World, Griffin cataloged the evil actions that flowed from the within job/false flag assaults of September 11th, whereas on this one – a prequel – he provides a lesson in American historical past going again centuries, and he reveals that one can be right in calling america a “false flag empire.”

The assaults of 11 September 2001 are the false flag fulcrum upon which his two books pivot. Their significance can’t be overestimated, not only for their inherent cruelty that resulted in hundreds of harmless American deaths, however since they turned the justification for america’ ongoing murderous campaigns termed “the struggle on terror” which have introduced dying to tens of millions of individuals around the globe.  A global array of expendable individuals.  Terrifying as they had been, and had been meant to be, they’ve many precedents, though a lot of this historical past is hidden within the shadows.  Griffin shines a brilliant gentle on them, with most of his evaluation targeted on the years 1850-2018.

As a theological and philosophical scholar, he’s properly conscious of the good significance of society’s want for non secular legitimation for its secular authority, a method to provide its individuals a protect towards terror and life’s myriad fears by means of a protecting fable that has been used efficiently by america to terrorize others.  He reveals how the phrases by which the U.S. has been legitimated as God’s “chosen nation” and People as God’s “chosen individuals” have modified through the years as secularization and pluralism have made inroads.  The names have modified, however the which means has not. God is on our aspect, and when that’s so, the opposite aspect is cursed and will be killed by God’s individuals, who’re all the time battling el diabalo.

He exemplifies this by opening with a quote from George Washington’s first Inaugural Deal with the place Washington speaks of “the Invisible Hand” and “Providential company” guiding the nation, and by ending with Obama saying “I imagine in American exceptionalism with each fiber of my being.”  In between we hear Andrew Jackson say that “Windfall has showered on this favored land blessings with out quantity” and Henry Cabot Lodge in 1900 characterize America’s divine mission as “manifest future.”  The American faith immediately is American Exceptionalism, an up to date euphemism for the old style “God’s New Israel” or the “Redeemer Nation.”

On the core of this verbiage lies the delusion that america, as a blessed and good nation, has a divine mission to unfold “democracy” and “freedom” all through the world, as Hilary Clinton declared throughout the 2016 presidential marketing campaign when she mentioned that “we’re nice as a result of we’re good,” and in 2004 when George W. Bush mentioned, “Like generations earlier than us, we now have a calling from past the celebrities to face for freedom.”   Such sentiments might solely be acquired with sardonic laughter by the numerous victims made “free” by America’s violent leaders, from time to time, as Griffin paperwork.

Having established the very fact of America’s declare to divine standing, he then walks the reader by means of numerous thinkers who’ve taken sides on the problem of america being benign or malign.  That is all preliminary to the guts of the e-book, which is a historical past lesson documenting the malignancy on the core of the American trajectory.

“American imperialism is commonly mentioned to have begun in 1898, when Cuba and the Philippines had been the principle prizes,” he begins. “What was new presently, nonetheless, was solely that America took management of nations past the North American continent.”

The “divine proper” to grab others’ lands and kill them began lengthy earlier than, and though no seas had been crossed within the regular understanding of imperialism, the genocide of Native People lengthy preceded 1898.  So too did the “manifest future” that impelled struggle with Mexico and the seizure of its land and the growth west to the Pacific. This era of empire constructing depended closely on the “different nice crime towards humanity” that was the slave commerce, whereby it’s estimated that 10 million Africans died, along with the sick brutality of slavery itself.  “Irrespective of how brutal the strategies, People had been devices of divine functions,” writes Griffin.  And, he accurately provides, it isn’t even true that America’s abroad imperialistic ventures solely began in 1898, for within the 1850s Commodore Perry compelled “the haughty Japanese” to open their ports to American commerce by means of gunboat diplomacy.

Then in 1898 the tempo of abroad imperial growth picked up dramatically with what has been referred to as “The Spanish-American Conflict” that resulted within the seizure of Cuba and the Philippines and the annexing of Hawaii.  Griffin says these wars might extra precisely be termed “the wars to take Spanish colonies.”  His evaluation of the brutality and conceitedness of those actions makes the reader understand that My Lai and different more moderen atrocities have a protracted pedigree that’s a part of an institutional construction, and whereas Filipinos and Cubans and so many others had been being slaughtered, Griffin writes, “Anticipating Secretary of Protection Donald Rumsfeld’s declaration that ‘we don’t do empire,’ [President] McKinley mentioned that imperialism is ‘international to the mood and genius of this free and beneficiant individuals.’”

Then as now, maybe mad laughter is the one response to such unadulterated bullshit, as Griffin quotes Mark Twain saying that it will be straightforward making a flag for the Philippines:

We will have simply our regular flag, with the white stripes painted black and the celebrities changed by the cranium and cross-bones.

That might have additionally labored for Columbia, Panama, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, and different nations subjugated below the ideology of the Monroe Doctrine; wherever freedom  and nationwide independence raised its ugly head, america was fast to intervene with its highly effective anti-revolutionary army and its monetary bullying.  Within the Far East the “Open Door” coverage was used to loot China, Japan, and different nations.

However all this was only the start.  Griffin reveals how Woodrow Wilson, the quintessentially devious and treacherous liberal Democrat, who claimed he needed to maintain America out of WW I, did  simply the alternative to verify the U.S. would come to dominate the international markets his capitalist masters demanded.  Thus Griffin explores how Wilson conspired with Winston Churchill to make use of the sinking of the Lusitania as a casus belli and the way the Treaty of Versailles’s harsh therapy of Germany set the stage for WW II.

He tells us how within the intervening years between the world wars the demonization of Russia and the brand new Soviet Union was began. This deprecation of Russia, which is roaring at full-throttle immediately, is a theme that recurs all through The American Trajectory.  Its significance can’t be overemphasized.  Wilson referred to as the Bolshevik authorities “a authorities by terror,” and in 1918 “despatched hundreds of troops into northern and jap Russia, leaving them there till 1920.”

That the U. S. invaded Russia is a reality not often talked about and even barely identified to People.  Maybe consciousness of it and the century-long demonizing of the usS.R./Russia would enlighten those that purchase the present anti-Russia propaganda referred to as “Russiagate.”

To match that “divine” act of imperial intervention overseas, Wilson fomented the Crimson Scare at residence, which, as Griffin says, had lasting and incalculable significance as a result of it created the American worry of radical thought and revolution that exists to this very day and serves as a justification for supporting brutal dictators around the globe and crackdowns on freedom at residence (as is going on immediately).

He provides us temporary summaries of some dictators the ushas supported, and reminds us of the saying of that different liberal Democrat, Franklin Roosevelt, who famously mentioned of the brutal Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza, that “he could also be a son-of-a-bitch, however he’s our son-of-a-bitch.”  And thus Somoza would terrorize his personal individuals for 43 years.  The identical came about in Cuba, Chile, Iran, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and so on.  The U.S. additionally supported Mussolini, did nothing to stop Franco’s fascist toppling of the Spanish Republic, and supported the right-wing authorities of Chiang-Kai Shek in its efforts to dominate China.

It’s a very darkish and ugly historical past that confirms the demonic nature of American actions around the globe.

Then Griffin explodes the numerous myths concerning the so-called “Good Conflict” – WW II.  He explains the lies informed concerning the Japanese “shock” assault on Pearl Harbor; how Roosevelt wished to get the U.S. into the struggle, each within the Pacific and in Europe; and the way a lot American financial self-interest lay behind it.  He critiques the parable that America selflessly wished to defend freedom loving individuals of their battles with brutal, fascist regimes. That, he tells us, is however a small a part of the story:

This, nonetheless, shouldn’t be an correct image of American insurance policies throughout the Second World Conflict.  Many individuals had been, to make sure, liberated from horrible tyrannies by the Allied victories. However the truth that these individuals benefited was an incidental final result, not a motive of American insurance policies. These insurance policies, as [Andrew] Bacevich found, had been based mostly on ‘unflagging self-interest.’

Then there are the standard and atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Nothing may very well be extra demonic, as Griffin reveals.  If these cold-blooded mass massacres of civilians and the lies informed to justify them don’t persuade a reader that there has lengthy been one thing radically evil on the coronary heart of American historical past, nothing will. Griffin reveals how Truman and his advisers and high generals, together with Dwight Eisenhower and Admiral William D. Leahy, Truman’s Chief of Workers, knew the dropping of the atomic bombs had been pointless to finish the struggle, however they did so anyway.

He reminds us of Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline Albright’s response to the query whether or not she thought the deaths of greater than 500, 000 Iraqi kids because of Clinton’s crippling financial sanctions had been value it: “However, sure, we expect the worth is value it.”  (Discover the “is,” the continued nature of those struggle crimes, as she spoke.)  However that is the lady who additionally mentioned, “We’re the indispensable nation.  We stand tall…”

Griffin devotes different chapters to the creation of the Chilly Conflict, American imperialism throughout the Chilly Conflict, Publish-Chilly Conflict interventions, the Vietnam Conflict, the drive for international dominance, and false flag operations, amongst different subjects.

As for false flag operations, he says, “Certainly, the trajectory of the American Empire has relied so closely on these kind of assaults that one might describe it as a false flag empire.”  Within the false flag chapter and all through the e-book, he discusses most of the false flags the U.S. has engaged in, together with Operation Gladio, the U.S./NATO terrorist operation all through Europe that Swiss historian Daniele Ganser has extensively documented, an operation meant to discredit communists and socialists.  Such operations had been instantly linked to the OSS, the CIA and its director Allen Dulles, his henchman James Jesus Angleton, and their Nazi accomplices, equivalent to Basic Reinhard Gehlen.  In a single such assault in 1980 on the Bologna, Italy railway station, these U.S. terrorists killed 85 individuals and wounded 20 others.  As with the bombs dropped by Saudi Arabia immediately on Yemeni college kids, the explosive used was made for the U.S. army.  About these documented U.S. atrocities, Griffin says:

These revelations present the falsity of an assumption extensively held by People.  Whereas recognizing that the US army generally does horrible issues to their enemies, most People have assumed that US army leaders wouldn’t order the killing of harmless civilians in allied nations for political functions.  Operation Gladio confirmed this assumption to be false.

He’s proper, however I’d add that the leaders behind this had been civilian, as a lot as, or greater than army.

Within the case of “Operation Northwoods,” it was the Joint Chiefs of Workers who offered to President Kennedy this false flag proposal that would offer justification for a U.S. invasion of Cuba.  It could have concerned the killing of Americans on American soil, bombings, airplane hijacking, and so on.  President Kennedy thought-about such individuals and such plans insane, and he rejected it as such.  His doing so tells us a lot, for a lot of different presidents would have accepted it.  And once more, what number of People are conscious of this wicked proposal that’s documented and simply obtainable?  What number of even wish to ponder it?  For the necessity to stay in denial of the information of historical past and imagine within the important goodness of America’s rulers is a really exhausting nut to crack.  Griffin has written a dozen books about 11 September 2001, attempting to do precisely that.

If one is prepared to embrace historic information, nonetheless, then this excellent e-book will open one’s eyes to the long-standing demonic nature of the actions of America’s rulers. A reader can not come away from its lucidly offered historical past unaffected, except one lives in a self-imposed fantasy world.  The file is evident, and Griffin lays it out in all its graphic horror. Which isn’t to say that the U.S. has not “finished each good and dangerous issues, so it couldn’t sensibly be referred to as purely divine or purely demonic.” Questions of purity are supposed to obfuscate primary truths. And the query he asks in his subtitle – Divine or Demonic? – is known as a rhetorical query, and relating to the “trajectory” of American historical past, the demonic wins palms down.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t level out one place the place Griffin fails the reader. In his lengthy chapter on Vietnam, which is replete with wonderful information and analyses, he makes a vital mistake, which is uncommon for him.  This error seems in a 4 web page part on President Kennedy’s insurance policies on Vietnam.  In these pages, Griffin depends on Noam Chomsky’s horrible e-book – Rethinking Camelot: JFK, the Vietnam Conflict, and US Political Tradition (1993), a e-book whereby Chomsky reveals no regard for proof or information – to color Kennedy as being in accord together with his advisers, the CIA, and the army relating to Vietnam.  That is factually false. Griffin ought to have been extra cautious and have understood this. The reality is that Kennedy was besieged and surrounded by these demonic individuals, who had been intent on isolating him, disregarding his directions, and murdering him to realize their objectives in Vietnam.  Within the final 12 months of his life, JFK had taken a radical flip towards peace-making, not solely in Vietnam, however with the Soviet Union, Cuba, and across the globe. Such a flip was anathema to the struggle lovers. Thus he needed to die. Opposite to Chomsky’s deceptions, motivated by his hatred of Kennedy and maybe one thing extra sinister (he additionally backs the Warren Fee, thinks JFK’s assassination was no massive deal, and accepts the patently false official model of the assaults of 11 September 2001), Griffin ought to have emphatically asserted that Kennedy had issued NSAM 263 on October 11, 1963 calling for the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam, and that after he was assassinated a month later, Lyndon Johnson reversed that withdrawal order with NSAM 273.  Chomsky however, all the most effective scholarship and documentary proof proves this.  And for Griffin, a beautiful scholar, to write down that with the change from Kennedy to Johnson that “this transformation of presidents would carry no primary change in coverage” is so shockingly flawed that I think about Griffin, a person keen about fact, merely slipped up and received sloppy right here.  For nothing may very well be farther from the reality.

Mockingly, Griffin makes a masterful case for his thesis, whereas forgetting the one pivotal man, President John Kennedy, who sacrificed his life in an effort to vary the trajectory of American historical past from its demonic course.

It’s one mistake in an in any other case essential and wonderful e-book that needs to be required studying for anybody who doubts the evil nature of this nation’s persevering with international coverage.  Those that are already satisfied also needs to learn it, for it offers a wanted historic useful resource and impetus to assist change the trajectory that’s transporting the world towards nuclear oblivion, if continued.

If – a improbable want! – The American Trajectory: Divine or Demonic? had been required studying in American faculties and faculties, maybe a brand new era would come up to vary our devils into angels, the arc of America’s future ethical universe towards justice, and away from being the best purveyor of violence on this planet immediately, because it has been for thus very lengthy.



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