Skripal And Syria: The Crucial Of Criminalizing Russia


Submitted by Finian Cunningham of the Strategic Tradition Basis

There’s a direct hyperlink between Britain’s sensational allegations in opposition to Russia within the Skripal affair and NATO’s shedding covert battle in Syria.

That’s not simply the opinion of essential observers. Britain’s ambassador to the United Nations made the express hyperlink when she referred to as an “emergency assembly” of the Safety Council earlier this week.

The Safety Council assembly was convened solely hours after British counter-terrorism police launched video photographs claiming to establish two Russian males, whom it mentioned have been liable for the alleged poison assassination try on former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in England earlier this yr.

The council assembly additionally adopted swiftly on the heels of British Prime Minister Theresa Might telling her parliament that the culprits have been Russian navy intelligence officers performing on orders from the Kremlin. Might didn’t give supporting proof. It was bald assertion.

On this quick clip, Britain’s envoy to the UN Karen Pierce tells reporters the rationale of the British authorities in convening the emergency session on the Safety Council. The envoy reveals greater than she meant.

She says that the UK and its allies would “proceed to contest the Russian view of the world by which their state operatives can perform these types of assaults [in England] and may encourage and help the Syrian authorities of their assaults on civilians.”

Pierce added: “So that is really a continuum, in the event you like, of contesting that view of the world the place you possibly can act exterior the norms of worldwide guidelines and civilized habits.”

Evidently, the British authorities is making an attempt to criminalize each Russia and Syria on the similar time, over the identical alleged crime – illegal use of chemical weapons.

That might account for why the British authorities have been unduly hasty in accusing the Russian state of culpability within the Skripal affair. By undermining and smearing Russia as a “pariah state”, it’s then attainable to stifle Russia’s essential navy help for Syria. That is particularly pressing given the juncture within the Syria battle the place NATO-backed militants are watching last defeat.

The US, Britain and France have all lately threatened to make use of navy energy in opposition to the Syrian authorities forces “if” the latter launch chemical weapons assaults. That in fact is a cynical pretext for the NATO states to discover a authorized cowl for aggression in opposition to Syria.

The allegations of “imminent” chemical weapon use by the Syrian authorities are additionally baseless since Damascus now not possesses any such munitions, or certainly has any navy want for such weapons.

What the Skripal affair is due to this fact making an attempt to do is inculcate within the public thoughts that Russia has no scruples about utilizing chemical weapons to kill folks, which in flip reinforces the notion that Moscow’s Syrian ally additionally has no scruples about killing folks with poisonous supplies.

The NATO claims of Syrian nationwide forces utilizing chemical weapons have been proven to be false. In latest days, Russian envoy to the UN Vasily Nebenzia demanded that the US current particulars of a Pentagon goal listing of chemical weapons websites in Syria. The US balked.

Against this, there’s a wholesome skepticism among the many Western public about official allegations in opposition to the Syrian authorities. Pink Floyd’s legendary singer-songwriter Roger Waters speaks for a lot of when he lately referred to as out the NATO-backed so-called rescue group, the White Helmets, as being implicated in orchestrating chemical assaults for propaganda functions.

So as to overcome the propaganda drawback of demonizing the Syrian authorities and giving itself a pretext for launching navy strikes on Syria, the NATO powers due to this fact have to spice up their flagging “false flag” narrative of chemical weapons duty.

By criminalizing Russia for allegedly utilizing chemical weapons “on the streets of Britain”, it’s a ploy to enhance the doubtful narrative criminalizing Syria.

Right here is British envoy Pierce talking once more: “The rationale the Safety Council has not been in a position to act on CW [chemical weapon] use in Syria is due to Russia. There’s a circularity right here. Russia is the important thing to upholding the common ban on CW use. And the world can be higher if Russia would be a part of us in making that ban completely watertight.”

Britain’s use of the phrase “circularity” is definitely apt – albeit for a totally totally different cause. The precise round logic is to criminalize each Russia and Syria over chemical weapons. Russia, it’s calculated, will then not have the authority to make use of its veto energy on the Safety Council with the intention to stop the three NATO powers on the council from launching their much-desired navy assault on Syria to salvage their shedding covert battle.

The reckless haste by which the British authorities are accusing Russia over the Skripal affair – a haste which makes a mockery of authorized due course of and diplomatic norms – can plausibly be defined by the urgency of the NATO powers to unencumber their navy plans on Syria.

How can the discharge of video photographs allegedly of two Russian nationals in Britain be presumably attributed to the Kremlin? Two Russian males – if certainly that’s real data – are supposed to be “compelling proof” that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an assassination. It’s a preposterous leap of creativeness and a travesty of authorized course of, however it’s revealing of an execrable British prejudice of Russophobia.

One attainable idea within the Skripal affair is that the 2 alleged Russian males have been members of organized crime. Studies emerged this week that former Russian intelligence agent Sergei Skripal was working with Spanish state safety companies to crackdown on Russian underworld gangs. It’s attainable that the gangs uncovered Skripal’s meddling of their illicit enterprise mannequin, and easily despatched a few heavies over to Britain to take care of him. However how such a hypothetical account could be twisted by the British authorities to be “proof” of Kremlin involvement is a telling query.

It’s important that the British authorities have flatly refused requests from the Russian facet for data to establish the alleged Skripal hitmen. For instance, British laws require fingerprints to be submitted by all guests to the nation. Why have the British refused to present fingerprints to Russian authorities which might then result in an identification and maybe rationalization of the 2 alleged suspects?

The British don’t need to know the reality, as a result of their official narrative of criminalizing the Russian state is the crucial one. And that’s due to the urgency for NATO to discover a authorized, political cowl for its navy aggression in opposition to Syria.



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